Inspiration Boards

I’m not going to lie, I find inspiration boards interesting. The concept behind them is easy – it’s merely a collection of images to match your wedding scheme. If you have a color and a season, you have all you need. But, even with my professional background, I’m a complete fail when it comes to these. The idea of trying to put together a complete collage of inspirational wedding pictures is daunting. I haven’t even been able to organize the magazine articles and ads I clip from men fashion magazines – there’s no way I could throw an inspiration board together quickly.

But she can.

Here’s the board she made for my fiancee. She told her that our color was white and it would be in the Spring.

Neat, no?

The idea behind them is not to look for perfection and find every nicknack that is going to be in your reception hall. The idea is to merely try to quickly get an overall sense of what you’re going for with the overall look and feel of the wedding. And sometimes the best person to do that is a complete stranger on the internet.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration Boards”

  1. Way to copy our wedding. Except our colors were blue and white. Yes, that’s right, we had two colors. Bask in our awesomeness.

  2. Well, the good thing about having one color that’s white is that it allows us to include anything else we want in our wedding and not feel bad about it not fitting into our color scheme.

    Which means if I want the Virgen de Guadalupe in brightly colored food as part of the buffet, that’s what I’m gonna get!

    (and no, I don’t really want that. it’s just an example.).

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