I love stealing ideas – Black and White cookies

You know what’s delicious? Black and White cookies? You know what’s not delicious? The fact that most business can’t make them any good.

I have no idea why they’re so difficult to make. I went to the Europa Cafe last night in Times Square and the cookie was pretty awful. That doesn’t mean I didn’t eat it – I do have a very tolerant sweet tooth – but it was poorly made. The cookie wasn’t cake like – it was too soft and wasn’t very thick. The frosting was too sweet and tasted too much like the frosting that goes on brownies that come from a box. The frosting should be thick, not too sweet, and should encase the cookie in what appears to be a hard shell but crumbles nicely on the bite. A black and white cookie isn’t really a cookie. It’s a small cake in cookie shape. It is a simple concept but it is so hard to do well.

There are two place in NYC that I know of that do a good black and white cookie. One is called the Sugar Cafe, located on Houston in Manhattan on the Lower East Side. The other is Martha’s Country Bakery located on Ditmars and 36th St in Astoria. The great thing about Martha’s is that I was thinking of using them to supply a bunch of the desserts for our wedding. They make delicious cupcakes, cookies, etc. I think they would make a great addition to our overall reception plan.

For some reason, I never though about ordering a bunch of black and white cookies from them. Then a post on Wedding Bee brought the idea to my mind. That bride is using them as part of their candy/favor station. I’m going to use it for a dessert buffet. And with the cheap cake stands they linked to, this is quite a score. And the white frosting goes perfect with my wedding color being “white” (and another reason why picking a very simple and plain color palate is a good thing – you can mix and match whatever you want). Excellent.