Let them eat Cake

I totally agree with this blog post.

I have no idea why I think this way but, when I go to a wedding, I could really care less about the food except for the desserts. All I care about the sit down dinner/buffet/finger foods, etc is that they taste okay and they fill me up. I don’t remember what is served, how it tasted, what it smelled like. To me, none of that matters. However, the end of the meal and the desserts and cake are what I do remember. In fact, they’re usually what I look forward to the most at a wedding (which is probably why I think about it all the time while planning my own).

Is the problem that the American wedding tradition of a giant tiered cake is ingrained into my head? At this point, even if the couple says “I do”, if there is no cake or dessert at the end, it doesn’t count. I don’t care about the officiant, the setting, the license, the blood test, or the sharing of rings. But! If there’s cake! YES. The couple really is committed to each other. Don’t say it with diamonds – say it with cake.

And this kind of thinking colors my entire reception planning. Lately, I’ve been worried about my job. Well, okay, I’ve been worried about my job for about a year now – I still have it, thank God, but not having it is still a concern. Everyone in the US probably feels this way (if they’re still luckily employed) so it’s not easy to plan a wedding when the fear of unemployment (and as a freelancer, I don’t get unemployment insurance) is breathing down your neck. In fact, even yesterday, I mentioned to my fiancee that we might want to cut down on what we served at our reception (for 250+). And what did I mention that we should cut? The finger food and just make it a dessert reception. I’m such a boob. Even if we eloped or married at the last minute in Vegas or some other such nonsense, I’d still go buy a hostess cupcake before the ceremony and eat it right after. Or maybe a snowball. Mmmmm.

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