So can we put a deep fryer on our registry?

Registries are for ridiculousness.

Okay, I know that’s not true but that’s how I feel about them in some way. K and I have already started working on our registry (since, when we first told people we were engaged, several “congrats!” messages back asked to see our registry). I’ve written before how we’ve disagreed what to put on our registry, how expensive the items should be, what should we not put on, etc. And, as of this moment, our registry is pretty small and I think complete. When you’ve lived on your own for awhile, and you live in New York City where your future “home” together is going to be a small closet, there gets a point when the registry becomes less about “essentials” and more about “spur of the moment ideas”. Like this one: I need a deep fryer.

My roommate actually gave me the idea. She was home, thinking about dinner, and lamenting her need to deep fried things. It peeked my interest. She asked how much they went for and I had no idea. A quick check of Amazon found some in the 50-75 dollar range which would fit perfectly in a small apartment. I instantly had ideas of living in a room covered in french fries. Twinkie would be barking (and munching) under the pile, her cries muffled by the deliciousness. Chula would be sleeping on top of it. I would have both of my hands holding cups of mayo and ketchup and I would be using my mouth to eat everything. It would be fantastic. I sent a quick IM to my fiancee asking her if I can put it on the registry. She said no. My dreams of a french fry castle vanished and I think I made a frowny face in response.

But, of course, my fiancee is right and I’m wrong. Why? Because I would never use it, I would burn myself if I did use it, and I probably would develop an unhealthy obsession with deep frying everything in my apartment. And a deep fryer is just another in a long list of items that I stumble upon in passing and then want to put on the registry (a kindle! we both read a lot! it would be great!). Registries aren’t an extension of my wish list (as much as I’d like them to be). They’re suppose to be for items to build, and maintain, a household for a long long time. That means no cheap dishes, no crappy pans, and no extravagant kitchen appliances that you’ll never use. Except that toaster that looks like a tank, costs more than my camera, and could toast a wild buffalo in 30 seconds while singing showtunes. I NEED THAT.