Sometimes, I can be pretty stupid. Knowing me, how could I not think about including buttons in my wedding until I saw this post???


First off, I love the photographs. I want to be able to take pictures like that. In fact, I want my wedding pictures to be like that. But I’m realistic and my budget can’t afford a photographer who is able to do that. Actually, I would probably steal the photographer’s camera when he wasn’t look and try to take pictures like that. And I’m not allowed to take pictures while I’m standing at the altar. I was told this by not only my fiancee but my brother and a few friends. They know me too well.

Secondly, if you’ve followed what I’ve written recently, you will realize that I find a lot of what that groom wore/did as pretty cheesy. “Here Comes Your Man”, Chucks, the rip off of CGBG on the buttons – yeah, I rolled my eyes when I first saw it. To me, it’s incredibly over done but this is the circle that I run in. All those things are popular in my social sphere so there is nothing “unbride” or different about it. In fact, it’s all mundane. In fact, the John Valtross Chuck Taylors and Tux is fairly anti what CBGB and punk is about. But I gotta say that the cut and fit of that tux is perfect. The skinny tie is fantastic. And he’s actually one of the few guys allowed to wear Chucks. Why? Because of the facial hair. He at least LIVES that part. That’s what makes it work for me.

But besides all that, it’s the button instead of a boutonniere that makes it for me. Why? Well, it’s pretty obvious really.

You see. I have a hat. It has buttons on it. Lots of buttons.

I don’t wear it much anymore. I moved on to a regular gray newscap (or a black mohawk when it’s cold out) but, for a long time, that red cap with buttons was one of my clothing signatures. It has spikes going down the center because, well, I’m balding and I can’t grow a mohawk so I try to make up for it anyway I can. All the buttons on there are either trendy internet cartoons, punk bands, or things my fiancee gave me. I would lose a button, replace it, and add stuff onto it. People liked it, some people said it reminded them of their grandma, but it was awesome. In fact, I wish I was wearing it right now.

So, of course, when I saw the buttons at the above wedding, I instantly wanted to make my own. I haven’t priced them yet, I have no idea what they’ll look like (I’d love to make it a cartoon version of our cake topper but that might be unrealistic) and I haven’t even seriously talked about it with my fiancee yet but BUTTONS. That is a good idea. I have to file this in the maybe pile.

2 thoughts on “BUTTONS!”

  1. When I saw the ping back from my blog, I just had to respond. 🙂 I’m glad that you can appreciate certain elements of our wedding but I think you’re taking these things a little bit too literally in your judgments. The theme of our wedding was never intended to be “punk”, we just incorporated certain elements of things from our lives. My husband was a frequenter of the CBGB club when he lived in NYC and you might not know this but the location is now a John Varvatos store. We also sent out black t-shirts with our logo as save-the-dates. One of our friends is in The Pixies so that song choice was an ode to a friend. It was more ironic than anything. We both wear Chucks pretty much every day. Our wedding is a pretty accurate translation of our lives as I’m sure yours will be. I’m just saying don’t be so quick to judge, Groomzilla. 🙂

  2. But judging is what I do! And, to be honest, I was wearing chucks while I wrote that. I also know what happened to CBGB and how it’s now been reduced to a shirt shop underneath a Chipotle on St Marks which annoys me but makes perfect sense – shirts are what made CBGB money, not the actual club.

    Your second to last line is actually a very good statement that I’m probably going to steal for future reference. I do tend to write a lot of judgmental posts about wedding trends that I’ve noticed and I tend to not sugar coat it but your sentence about the ceremony being an accurate translation of the couples lives is a good one. It’s what a wedding should be. I tend to view a lot of wedding trends and practices to NOT be that – from DIYers, to cupcake brides, to vendors, etc. And I am very judgmental about those kinds of weddings.

    Thanks for stopping by! And I’m still quite jealous of the photographer you were able to snag.

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