Circle of Life


My wedding band arrived yesterday. My wedding is slightly more than a year away. Am I on top of things or what? And why is everything I do has to be an adventure?

We bought out bands from blue nile because they were having a 10% off sale. And with my belief that platinum will increase in price this year (like it did last year), I thought it would be a good idea to jump on buying it. Plus, with my job now in iffy territory (I was told yesterday to take a 20% cut in hours for April), I figured we should buy this little shiny things while we could afford it.

It was ridiculously easy to buy the band which is always a good thing. What wasn’t ridiculously easy was me buying the right band. My fiancee and I bought wanted thin bands (she went with the 2mm and I went with 3mm) so that wasn’t the problem. The problem is that my ring finger is very weird. In fact, I would claim it might be a little diabolical. And why?

Because it likes being a lot smaller than my right ring finger.

I wear a posey ring that my fiancee bought for me last Valentine’s Day. It says “My Babby” on it. When she asked me to figure out my size, I went to a few jewelers and discovered that, depending on the jeweler, my finger was a different size. It was either a 7 or a 7.5 or an 8. I averaged it out and it was something like 7.47. My fiancee ordered me an 8. It’s loose but I like it that way because I like to remove it when I do the dishes, shower, and do anything where the risk of it falling down a drain is rather high. That is, sadly, one of my fears. I grew up always afraid of the garbage disposal at my parents house. It’s like a monster, lying in wait, just hoping you to put your delicious fingers anywhere near it. Maybe my brother played a cruel joke on me when I was little and turned it on when I was near it, who knows. But rings, my fingers, and drains, just don’t get along.

Now, I knew my left ring finger was smaller than my right. I’m right handed and slightly off balance and, being rather thin overall, I don’t have much meat on my bones. So I figured I’d order a 7.5 ring from Blue Nile and it’ll be loose enough but snug enough to not just vanish all the time. The rings came and I tried mine on while at the office. And it basically slipped off. It was nice and snug on my right hand but totally worthless on my left hand. It confirmed something I had suspected for quite some time.

I am a freak.

Okay, that’s a little harsh but it’s weird when your hands, which I use every day, are completely different sizes. So I called up Blue Nile and went through the hassle to return it. So I had to go to the Post Office, wait in line to ask for a priority mail box, then pack everything, and then wait in line again to mail it. That is one thing I hate about NYC – waiting in line for priority mail boxes. Everywhere else in the country, they’re just lying around the Post Office but NYC hoards them like they’re precious gold. I expect that there is a Golem located in the back of every Post Office holding each priority mail box and going “Precccisssouuuuussssss”. And when you take one, he curses you, your children, your children’s children, and your 2nd grade teacher.

Besides the mailing, the return was painless. I reordered a size 7 ring. It arrived yesterday. I tried it on. It’s as loose as I want it but, honestly, I probably could even pull off a size 6 ring. 1.5 ring difference between my hands. Ugh. Maybe I need to get my left hand to do finger pushups.

Anyways, the bands are IN. I have a few other milestones to write about too. There’s going to be about ten months where I’m going to have nothing to do but complain about other people’s taste. Luckily, I enjoy doing that.