Quick Hits for Tax Day, April 15 2009

Bird Cage Veil


Bird Cage Veils are huge right now. It seems that every DIY Wedding blog right now loves talking about Bird Cage Veils and the “vintage” look for weddings. I don’t know if DIY means your wedding has to look vintage or if brides who are into the DIY social economic spectrum just love the vintage look. My fiancee bought one in Florida at an antiques store for $10 (she bought another, larger, non-bird cage veil for our wedding which she received last week and she wears around her apartment). When she brought it home to show her family, her grandparents told her that those veils were worn by women a half a century ago when they were attending bible studies and they wanted a fashionable way to have their “hair covered” (according to St Paul). I don’t think the current trend of women wanting these veils have that same reasoning in mind.

Bridal Spring 2010


Project Rungay does Spring 2010 bridal fashions and sleeves might be in next year. This is me hoping that’s true. And why, as a guy, am I fixated on bridal dresses? Did you not realize that 95% of all ads for wedding stuff are just about dresses? Dresses and weddings are one and the same. You can’t look at weddings and not get smacked upside the head with a dress. It’s the rolled up newspaper of the Wedding Industry and I’m the dog who jumped on the couch with muddy feet.

E-vites for Men

E-vites for men. I’ve said it once and I will say it 1000 times; when it comes to weddings, social gatherings, and anything that consists of taste and culture, we men tend to sell ourselves short. In fact, we encourage ourselves to sell ourselves short. When being well dressed is a crime against manliness, there’s something wrong with how we carry ourselves and these manvites are in that vein. Let’s not focus on e-vites to tell our friends to come over and play videogames or look at boobs. We don’t need those. Let’s focus on the important things which is humor, plain text mailing lists, and calling each other on the phone and leaving voice mails on each other’s phone. If you can’t say it with some e cards, you probably shouldn’t be saying it in the first place.