Quick Hits for April 16, 2009

Personalized cookies


If I had a million dollars, all my food would be personalized. I like these heart shaped macaroons. I’d have fancy desserts like that at my wedding. And I’d order the homemade marshmallows from Jean George, chocolates from Jacque Torres, and enough desserts so that every person could have ten each. But then they’d only eat one. And I’d have to eat the rest. Watch out love! I’m letting myself go after the wedding! WOOHOO!

New York summer weddings


I probably should buy this; New York‘s summer wedding issue is out. But I’m broke so maybe I’ll just go to Barnes and Noble’s and just stare at it. I’ll get a stack of magazines, go find some window sill, sit down, and start looking at the pictures. I won’t read it, of course, but I’ll admire the photography work on the models, the macros of the plate settings, and wonder if I’ll ever be able to afford the camera equipment that I want. Wait? What’s that? I’m suppose to look at the dresses and get decoration ideas for my own wedding? Please. Wedding magazines are like fashion magazines – pr0n for the camera inclined and nothing else. Okay, that’s a lie but that is what I tend to notice first when I open wedding magazines up first. It takes effort on my part to notice what is actually being advertised.