The ELCA on a tv near you.

The ELCA is harnessing the power of television to spread the word. And what are we saying? I guess we’re saying that we exist, that we participate in social ministries for the poor and unappreciated, and that our mission is worldwide in scope as we help women in Senegal start their own businesses. The ELCA’s slogan, at the moment, is “God’s work. Our hands.” after all. These two commercials fit that idea very well (and it also doesn’t hurt that the first ad name drops a church with the same name as mine though it is the #3 most common Lutheran church name in the US).

Of course, I have to wonder why these commercials are going to be on Glen Beck’s show unless the ELCA is trying to undermine the ideological sway that Glen Beck has on his viewers. What better way to combat ideological conservative narrow mindedness than with an expression of the all inclusive message of Jesus Christ? It could be the initial salvo against the armor of xenophobia, racism, ignorance, and other such idolatry. Or maybe someone on the ELCA advertising committee is a fan of Fox News. Sometimes being a big tent denomination means that not everyone shares your theological and political viewpoint. Ah well.

2 thoughts on “The ELCA on a tv near you.”

  1. I want to know how you got the commercials to copy. I tried it on my blog and “the link was not closed” or something.

    anyway, great work.

  2. When you go to the ELCA commercial page, underneath each commercial is a box that says “share”. Copy all the code in that box and embed that in your page. Make sure that the < /object > is also copied at the very end or else you might get that error “link was not closed” error.

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