Cola Wars wedding style

Dr Pepper sponsored a wedding. This is a brilliant idea.

My fiancee came to my apartment right when I was reading this article. I looked up and asked her if Diet Coke could sponsor our wedding.


She said sure but only if we got an Orange Soda brand as well.


My fiancee and I aren’t carbon copies of each other. I have an identical twin so I never grew up wanting to marry a carbon copy. When you already share DNA with someone, you already are familiar with having someone in your life who likes what you like, does what you does, etc etc. So it’s pretty obvious that my fiancee and I would have differences and soda is one of them. I drink a lot of it (I grew up on diet). She doesn’t drink as much. Our cola wars involve Diet vs Orange.

So if Diet Coke is reading this, if you can get Orange soda involved, I’d gladly let you sponsor our wedding. We’re going to be spending enough money on you for beverages anyways. And if you want to wear giant sumo suits and wrestle each other, I’ll delay my first dance with my lovely new bride to watch you fight it out.