I really don’t mind talking about my wedding planning so far

Is that weird?

Yesterday, I called/met up with several friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and they all asked me (and my fiancee) how our wedding planning was going. And, to be perfectly honest, I probably could talk about it all day long. In fact, I almost did. I’m not necessarily one of those guys who will get obsessive about HIS DAY and talk about all the planning their doing but I don’t might chatting it up when asked. And people like to ask.

But since my fiancee and I are at the lull point in our wedding process, I sometimes feel bad that I don’t have more to talk about. We’ve nailed the venue, the dress, the wedding bands, the reception hall. We’ve got the photographer. We know how our ceremony is going to work, how the place will look, and how we want the reception done. Our registry is mostly complete. Our guest list is pretty solid. The only thing left is the nitty gritty details and to actually do any DIY stuff for our candy buffet, reception decorations, and the like. Oh. And our counseling that we’re required to attend through our church (which we probably should start rather soon since our current pastor – who I consider a friend – is leaving in a few months).

But probably the big thing that makes wedding planning rather easy right now is that both my fiancee and I don’t have any family pressures. My parents are laid back and just want to know when the date is, how the planning is going, and they’ll show up with bells on. My fiancee’s family is the same. Her family is excited about coming to New York, visiting the city, seeing us, and watching my fiancee and I get married. We have no stress over who we should invite. We have no stress over how the wedding should look or be done. No one is trying to reign in how our big day should function. And that’s 80% of all wedding drama that is reported out there. If your family is laid back, wedding planning is sort of a joy.

Though I do realize that not all families are like ours. Some families take weddings very seriously and believe in being heavily involved. These weddings, in my opinion, tend to be weddings where the “joining of families” can be a big deal. They’re also weddings where the wedding drama isn’t just restricted to just weddings – everyone has been pretty annoying/dramarific in every aspect of each other’s lives since day one. However, because it’s MY BIG DAY, brides to be and grooms to be seem to forget all the past problems and believe that their families are trying to ruin their big day. That’s not true – they’ve been involved in your drama since day one. Some brides to be should build that into their own planning/wedding expectations but most don’t. It’s like how many brides-to-be aren’t happy with their engagement rings but they refuse to tell their fiance’s what rings they want. They want to be surprised, they want the ring to be perfect, and they have a vision in their head that they want matched. They’ll put up with less, of course, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it. I find that to be a kinda lame way to live.

So the next thing on our wedding list is my fiancee’s shoes. She has an idea of what she wants and she notices that not many stores carry what she would like. Remember how I bitched about sleeveless wedding dresses? Same thing is going on with open-toe shoes. I understand that the world revolves around trends but you think, with 300 million people in the US, other options would exist. Ah well.