I don’t even understand what this Marriage Hunting bra even does

I stole this from Bridezilla. It is so odd, I have to comment on it.


Can someone explain that picture to me? I mean, I kinda get it. You have a young Japanese woman holding an engagement ring and wearing a high tech corset. And it has a clock on it. And something between the cups that looks like a knob for a door handle. I’m not entirely sure a gal could find a shirt or a dress that wouldn’t make her look like she has three nipples. Oh. And there’s a pent to sign marriage contracts with. And the knob is really a holder for an engagement ring that plays “The Wedding March” when you put a ring in there. There are no words.

Actually, there are plenty of words. This can’t be real. In fact, I know this can’t be real. First off, it’s completely unpractical and you can’t wear it UNLESS it’s part of some bachelorette games. I could totally see women being forced to wear this during their “last single night” out. I’d love to see a group of gals surrounded a bride-to-be wearing this at Mugs and Jugs, drinking drinks, eating chicken wings, and singing karaoke. Though I wouldn’t want to sit next to that table. After hearing “The Wedding March” played for the tenth time, I’d probably want to slap someone.