Quick Hits for May 22, 2009

My fiancee let me know that one of her sisters was upset that I haven’t updated my blog all week. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy working on my wedding website and that’s been eating up all my free time. I’ll post about that soon. But here are a few things that have been sitting in my RSS reader that I’d like to get off my chest.

New York City Shots

My fiancee has this idea of taking our wedding pictures on the subway, in Times Square, and other such places in Manhattan. The trick is going to be able to do this within the time constraints in our photographer’s contract. We only have something like 6 or 7 hours with the guy starting at noon. Can we get through a ceremony and a reception and still have time to head to the subway station? I dunno. I hope so. Being on top of the TKTS booth in a tux would be awesome.

A Diamond is Expensive

An online jeweler is spoofing the De Beers commercials and there’s a contest going on where us grooms can score our brides some bling if we’re funny.

Ring Care

Speaking of engagement rings, here’s some tips on how to take care of them. My fiancee use to keep hers overnight in Windex. Now she scrubs it with boiling water. It seems to work.

Bad Reality TV show

Did you hear about the new show where a bride surprises her groom with a surprise wedding and they’re not even engaged? How about a show where you’re nominated by your friends to get married immediately? This is very tacky but I’ll probably tivo it because, well, that’s how I am. It’s sad. I should work on it.

Will I rant about churches?

I’ve read on several wedding blogs recently about people complaining about a) that their church ceremony is too long or b) about their attempt to find a church to get married in and carrying only about the building and not carrying about the denomination the church belongs with. I won’t link to them but they annoy me. 45 minutes to get your wedding blessed is not a long time. My church service averages something around an 1 hour and 15 minutes and that’s only with a 10 minute sermon. If you’re complaining about the length of your wedding ceremony, that just shows to me that you are unfamiliar with the concept of church services because you probably don’t go to one. I understand the reason why non-church goers would want a church wedding (and the reasons are varied) but don’t complain about the length of the ceremony after you’ve agreed to get married in that church and in that denomination’s tradition. Otherwise, I’m just going to assume you care more about how your wedding looks and less about the substance of your wedding which annoys me to no end.

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  1. I still soak my white gold and diamond ring in Windex. I soak the platinum and diamond solitaire in soapy water, and then scrub it with a tooth brush. And now I’ve found that I can use boiling water to get gunk off it, too.

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