Saving a family on your wedding day

A bride was being driven to her wedding reception when she noticed that a house was on fire. She stopped and ran into the building warning the family who was living there that they needed to get out. It took some time to coax the family out but the bride and her wedding party did it. The family didn’t really notice that their house was on fire and might have suffered injuries had the bride not try to get them out.

I like this bit:

At any rate, 16-year-old Lowell Eitelberg, who was playing video games in the house during the time of the fire, told the NY Post: “Whenever you think of something like this happening, you don’t imagine the person who’s going to save you in a situation like this to be dressed in the nicest clothes they’ll ever wear in their life. If someone was caring enough to ruin the best day of their life to save me, it’s the most incredible thing.” And his mother told Clemons, “Mazel tov!” adding, “I told her to go back to her festivities, but she stayed and helped.”