Quick Hits for July 21, 2009

Desperate Brides


At least one of them have sleeves though I can’t really say I like the show. [faded youth]

Lupe Vélez Mantilla Gallery


Lovely. [tex[t]-mex]

Lingerie Shower Invitations

Women running around in their underwear, drinking champagne, and singing. Cable TV doesn’t necessarily lie to me now, does it? [bridal buzz]

Escort Cards

I still have no idea what Escort cards are, why they’re used, and what purpose they serve, but I like the ones with the knights and horses on them. [wedding bee]

I Do Temporary Tattoos

Silly and fun, temporary tattoos are the way to go. But I warn you, based on my recent personal experience with blue cupcakes that used too much blue food coloring, just be careful. It’s unnerving seeing things that are blue and green that shouldn’t be blue and green. [manolo brides]