And it’s this one.

Well, except for the letter 2 and the Happy Birthday message. Our cake won’t have that but it will have a happy, smiling sun. Oh yes. Oh yes it will.

And it does come from Costco.

Today at church, my fiancee and I hosted the fellowship after service in honor of our beloved friend Amanda who is moving to Chicago next week. Since we needed to get supplies for this special day, we picked the hottest and most humid and downright icky day of the year to walk the twenty of so blocks to Costco. We met up with my roommate who decided that she needed to buy 20 chicken breasts, 20 lbs worth of strawberries, and enough black tea to fill up Boston Harbor. I brought along my fiancee’s busted granny cart and we all went shopping. I had a great time.

This is something people who have cars and who live in the suburbs don’t truly understand. When you live in a shoebox with a neighbor who is practices opera late at night and another neighbor who believes that the three foot by three foot piece of dirt in front of your house needs a cactus on it, Costco is a wonderful thing. Buying peanut butter in bulk is not something us New Yorkers get to do very much because our supermarkets are smaller than our apartments. Just being able to buy a gallon of milk can be quite a chore especially since our milk has a special sell by date – our milk goes bad before yours do. Ugh. It’s tough to be us.

We ordered the sun cake and got a vanilla cake with vanilla cheesecake mousse filling and cream cheese icing. That was the one flavor we had not tried from Costco yet. Our church likes to consider ourselves the party church and so that means we eat a lot of cake. No where did Jesus say that you can’t spread the Gospel in between bites of deliciously sweet pastry goodness. Our guest of honor did the initial cake cutting at the start of fellowship and we dished out the cake.

It was delicious.

So my fiancee and I decided that this will be one of our wedding cakes. We’ll order three more – one with a princess on it, another with a rainbow, and the last one with the balloons. I’m not sure they’ll fit on the cake stands I want from Fishs Eddy but I’m okay with that. At $16.99 a sheet cake, I’m more than okay with that.


  1. Now we just need to think of what to write on them!

    The princess cake: “She finally found her Prince Charming!”

    The balloon cake: “Up, Up and Away!”

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