Quick Hits for August 6, 2009

Celebrity Wedding News

If you didn’t know, I pay attention to the world of celebrity gossip more than a my cat takes naps and since it’s summer, that means weddings are everywhere. Only two real celebrity worthy weddings to note right now though.

Last Saturday, Mark Wahlberg married his baby mama in a small ceremony in Beverely Hills. The bride wore a white, strapless dress Marchesa dress and the groom kept it classy with your standard tuxedo with shiny shoes. I think I like the bride’s hair here – the wavy and down look goes well with the dress but I couldn’t help but think that a little bolero or some small sleeves would work better with her frame. I could be biased though since, well, my lack of love for strapless dresses is well known. I also think Mr Wahlberg could have stepped it up a notch with his style choices – would it kill him to have a pocket square? Either way, after 3 kids, they finally tied the knot. Good for them.

Also, Milla Jovovich set her wedding date to marry director Paul Anderson for August 22nd. I learned she and her fiance had been engaged for six years which, well, is a lonnnnng engagement. I was about to go “whaa??” and then I realized that this will be Milla’s third marriage and that her first marriage took place a dozen years ago when she was only 16 (and also means she’s only slightly older than me). I think taking a long engagement when you’re approaching marriage number 3 is probably appropriate for some couples and considering my love for The Fifth Element, Milla Jovovich can do no wrong in my eyes.

DIY Menus

I don’t hate the idea of DIY Menus for your wedding. In fact, I’ve been wrestling in my head with how to use food labeling during the reception as a way to decorate the reception hall. My fiancee’s mother was very keen on the idea of keeping the fellowship hall at our church very plain and simple – let the wooden floors, the nave above the hall, and the people attending the reception be all the decoration we really need. I like that idea but I do feel the hall needs more especially since we’re serving a light dessert reception and candy buffet. With a lot of older members at our church, sugar free desserts and candy are a must and those need to be labeled as such. My recent googling of vintage wedding signs and my recent web design projects has also gotten my brain tied to the idea of fonts as visual cues of awesomeness. I’m not quite sure how to label the food at our reception (and I do refuse to use the phrase “love is sweet” at my candy buffet) but hopefully I’ll figure it out soon. I have nothing but time currently.

Wonder Woman and Superman get married

It’s like the end of Kingdom Come became a reality but I’m not sure how I feel about Spider-man showing up at a DC Comics wedding. Either way, I’ve noticed that the costumed guests, bride, and groom, did a good job with the, um, bulge problem the comes with wearing superhero spandex. And, yes, I do have personal experience with that and no, I can’t tell you why I have that experience. If I did, I would ruin my secret identity and put my loved ones at risk. *cue dramatic music here*

I hate weddings : 10 things to make me love a wedding

My fiancee and I have actually met the guy who runs IHateWeddings.com and so when my fiancee blogged about his recent post, I knew I had to share it here. I agree with everything on his list of how to make him love a wedding. It barrels down to being thoughtful of your guests. I think most couples planning weddings should think about that more than they do and this goes across all wedding budgets, traditions, and ideas. To be completely honest, I prefer larger weddings than smaller ones. I like weddings at churches and places of worship rather than at the courthouse or a restaurant. There are plenty of people who aren’t like that however and I respect that (for some reason, a lot of my social circle enjoys using the “weddings are so expensive for guests so we’re just getting married at the courthouse” as justification for their real reasoning being “we just want to get married at the courthouse”). But any wedding ceremony which is an honest reflection of the couple and their guests is fine by me. And I’m sure someone is gonna connect at my wedding because I’m pretty fabulous, my fiancee is pretty fabulous, and since we’re a fabulous couple, we have some fabulous friends. If my wedding doesn’t increase the amount of awesomeoness in the world by at least 4%, I will be disappointed.