No no no no no, a thousand times, no

Brides who want their wedding cake to look like them on their wedding day, scare me. They really do. But I think the following wedding cake takes the, er, cake, for being the most frightening wedding cake I have ever seen.

bride torso 1

Thank the Lord for cake wrecks sharing this monstrosity. It’s a cake to showcase the bride’s dress ON A HEADLESS BODY. And it has no legs too! It’s just an unbloody torso sitting in the middle of the reception. And then the bride thinks it’s clever to put HER VEIL ontop of the ugly ugly beast. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

A reception like that would give me nightmares.

I know that they say that the wedding is the Bride’s day but come’on. There should be someone out there to stop the bride from doing something like this. Where’s the groom in all this? In fact, where’s the groom’s cake in all this? Was his cake just his pants standing straight up with a cuff and maybe a pleated front? I hope not but it would explain why this couple belong together.