I really have nothing to add right now

A lot of my recent time, when it comes to wedding planning, has been sitting around and not thinking about it. My fiancee has done a good job ordering those things we need. We have a cake topper coming. Her bouquet arrived. My fiancee’s love of Etsy continues to grow unabated. She’s always looking, planning, thinking of new things to do while I just sit around and wait for things to happen.

So much for being an engaged groom.

Though once you finish the big planning steps, there really isn’t that much to do. My finacee and I are still 7 months out till our big day. I’m still unemployed and looking for work. I’m also the head of the process of finding my church a new pastor so there’s even a chance that our church won’t have an official pastor on the day of our wedding (but we’ve already arranged for a coverage pastor if need be). We’ve already arranged most of the menu in our head. Decorations are going to be light with most of it being just splashes of color to make the undercroft of the church a little more lively. Invitations will probably be made once the church pastor search advances a bit. And I’ve already done the website. What more can I do right now?

I could keep complaining about wedding trends but, really, after you complain as much as I have, there isn’t much new under the sun. The same ugly styles are just repeated over-and-over-and-over again. It’s like shouting at the ocean to stop throwing waves on the beach. It just ain’t going to happen. I do get tired of reading the blog posts where a bride or groom spends weeks showing pictures of every.single.minute of their wedding. I personally don’t want to see 5 blog posts all about the bride putting on the dress or 3 that detail the groom’s desire to have a “Reservoir Dogs” photoshoot. That’s why God gave us the little x on the corner of our screen to close windows.

We’ll see. I’ll try to come up with something new to blog about soon. My brother is coming for a visit today and will be here over the weekend. I’m sure he’ll say something about married life that I can mention.