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I mentioned yesterday that my fiancee and I had figured out the bulk of the background music for our reception. Part of my reasoning for reception music is that it should be appropriate for a wedding day. But appropriate is a funny word. It’s a word that is filled with traditions, cultural taboos, taste, and style. What’s appropriate for one person will be considered obscene by another. The trick is, really, to offend the minimal amount of people possible while, at the same time, not being afraid to play music that you find enjoyable and that sets the corresponding mood. My fiancee and I agreed that nothing sets the right mood at our dessert reception in a traditional gothic Lutheran church’s basement than an old thyme band that sings songs about the Hindenburg Disaster.

The Hindenburg Disaster (Live)

I, of course, am talking about The Two Man Gentleman Band. Banjos, standup basses, and kazoos and songs about the War of Northern Aggression are perfect for our big day. The music is bouncy, fun, and top-taping. It’s the perfect accompaniment to massive amounts of mini-cupcakes and Cost Co cake. The only trick will be to play it at the right volume so that everyone can hear the music lightly but it won’t over power anyone’s conversations. If only Trinity’s basement had a more up to date sound system. Ah well.

William Howard Taft

They Can’t Prohibit Love (Live)

The War Of Northern Aggression

2 thoughts on “Reception Music”

  1. We agree wholeheartedly! The Gentlemen’s music makes a lovely addition to a groom’s special day.

    When & where is your wedding? Perhaps we’d be available to provide this service in person.

    Yours very truly,
    The Gents

  2. We’re getting married in Astoria, NY on April 10th in the afternoon. Alas, we noticed you’ll be in Vermont on that day though or else we would have sent you a buzz!

    We’ll catch you when you’re back in NYC. We’ve already been bugging our family and friends to see you during your spring and summer gigs!

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