MNYS Day 1: Registration and tables

I have been registered! I have my packet of paper, my goody bag, and I’m now sitting outside the exhibter hallway, writing this quick post. There seems to be more tables this year than last. I don’t see a WordAlone table nor a table for any latino ministries but African-America, Romania, and Tanzania all have a big presence. I also noticed that all the social service tables comes with hershey kisses. Yes!

The first of many name issues just occurred. One of the assistants in the Synod office called me as I walked by and noticed that I wasn’t registered. Once I told her my name changed, it wasn’t a problem though they misspelled my first name. People are just always afraid of the c in four letter names.

I’ve been able to briefly catch up with Pastor Fetters, Pastor Linman, and a few others. People also seem envious of my ability to access the internet on my wife’s laptop.

Oh hey! I just heard that there is a bookstore. Time to go broke!