ELCA in the New York Times!

It’s not everyday that I read about the ELCA in the New York Times. But, this evening, there was an article, linked to on the front page, Lutherans Offer Warm Welcome to Gay Pastors.

Nothing surprising or new in the article. There’s a short description of the ELCA’s move last summer (though it makes the mistake of not including the phrase life-long, monogamous relationships) and there’s a one line blurb about how each congregation is allowed to choose who they want to lead them (which is very true and this is something that tends to be ignored when discussing sexuality in the ELCA). The article even briefly mentions that the LCMS and Wisconsin Synod do not ordain gay ministers. And Lutheran CORE gets a brief mention. The article is brief, quick, and tries its best to water down an extremely long process into one-sentence sound bytes. It could be worse!