Men Vanity Sizing

It isn’t just women who suffer from vanity sizing, men do as well.

We are all aware that different brands have different sizes. In some versions of shoes, I’m an 8.5. In others, I’m an 8. When it comes to shirts, depending on the brand, I’m either a small, extra small, or extra extra small. Depending on where I’m picking up a vest or suit jacket, I’m either a 36S or a 34R. I’m use to differences between brands and that is why I try everything I buy. But, lordy lord, when did PANTS start lying to me?

I only shop at a few places for pants because my size is rarely stocked at any store. I also know my current waist size because I sometimes keep track of it on my wiifit. But pants, which are measured in INCHES, should not lie to us. Esquire ran a report stating that only H&M is close to being right, with a 36″ waist really being 37″. Old Navy is the worse offender where a 36″ is really a 41″ waist. Like Esquire, I can’t stand this. You don’t mess with science or numbers my friends. If you can’t trust numbers, what can you trust??