I wonder if this is taught in Liturgy 101

It seems that during Christmas service at a church in Long Island, someone involved in the communion service had hepatitis A. The gift jokes are endless. It was discovered that the person has hep A until after the Christmas service so the church is offered free vaccines yesterday and today. All the papers showed up and possible that hundreds took up the offer for the free vaccines. To be honest, I never thought about how to handle the situation when someone involved in the communion has a medical issue and how to react to it. The church seems to be doing a good job handling the situation. I remember when Swine Flu hit and all the hoopla surrounding the common cup. Now hep A might freak out a few folks even though its intinction, not sipping, that is the most unsanitary! One way around that might just be to have terrible tasting wine – it will keep dipping and sipping to the bare minimum.