Endings, beginning, and lack-of-terrifyings

But so little time. I want to write about the end of my first year at field education, a sermon I gave last Thursday, and my weekend trip to Ocean City, NJ. But, alas, I start CPE tomorrow. The others posts will have to wait. I’m not as terrified about CPE as I sometimes think I should be but maybe I’m just very good at keeping myself busy since the end of my semester. If I promise you that I will write more tomorrow, hopefully that will convince myself to really do it. :p

One thought on “Endings, beginning, and lack-of-terrifyings”

  1. For the record, both Terri and I enjoyed CPE thoroughly. Which is not to say it was easy; the dead babies still give me nightmares.

    My supervisor was full of crackpot ideas, but his theological and pastoral approaches were dead-on, and I continue to benefit from them almost daily.

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