I keep checking for my grades at least three times a day

Even though it is only December 28, I keep checking to see if my grades have been posted online. My fellow students told me to not even bother checking them until mid-January but, well, I can’t help it. I want to see how well (or how poorly) I did.

My vacation in Florida has been going well. I’ve been spending most of my time eating, visiting family, drinking diet soda (since Florida’s tap water is a little rough), and reading. In fact, in the week I’ve been here, I’ve finished one book (Biography of a Mexican Crucifix) and started and read three more (The Pastor: A Spirituality, God’s Battalions, The Tiger’s Wife). I’ve got one more left in my queue and then….I don’t know. Maybe I’ll actually pick up a few of the books I bought for classes last semester that never actually ended up being assigned (wasting money – grumble grumble).