I’m gonna be a dad….can you believe it?

Late last night, my wife and I shared some news with the internet: we’re gonna be parents! Our first child is due the first week of July. We’re very excited and I think the internet world needs to know my experiences of Fatherhood. If I’m going to embarrass my future children, I should start now.

Anyways, here are some highlights of our spreading the news this Christmas season.

  • My mother continually is asking me if we’re really sure my wife isn’t having twins.
  • My wife’s grandmother almost fell out of her chair once we told her.
  • We shared the news on Christmas morning with my wife’s family by having her parents unwrap presents on Christmas containing “I love Grandma/Grandpa” baby bibs.
  • The love we’ve gotten on Facebook has been great.
  • The name suggestions we keeping getting is a lot fun, mostly because folks aren’t taking it too seriously.
  • Everyone who has already offered to babysit – watch out, we’re gonna remember that.
  • One of the first questions we usually get ask is “was it planned?” That’s a pretty terrible question to ask and I think Ms. Manners would not approve.
  • One of my wife’s aunts said “oh! it’s like the old days. I thought maybe you’d wait till Marc was out of school but you’re going ahead anyways without planning!” Uh huh.
  • The more I share the news, the more excited I get about it.
  • Mephibosheth is currently in the name lead.

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