My last final of the fall 2011 semester (or michaelmas as GTS likes to call it) was December 15. The last day when all the forms, evaluations, and other hoo-hah had to be turned in was December 16. I have no idea when grades were to be turned into the registrar but I finally discovered what I earned on the evening of January 24.

I found that lag time to be very bizarre.

I wasn’t expecting myself to knock it out of the park. After complaining how bored I was in my classes and instead plunging myself into my field-education work, I was happy to just do well enough to keep my grant money and maybe set the stage so I can write a thesis my senior year. I also expected some grade inflation and nothing makes me want to work less than the threat of grade inflation. I like to be challenged and if I’m not, I revert to a childish rebellion where I become incredibly lazy. I’ve got some teenage baggage to work out it seems.

But here’s what I got: I received two P’s, two A minuses, and three solid A’s for a total GPA of 3.848. Good enough for government ministerial work.

I’m fine with the grades but I’ve noticed a trend. After three semesters of seminary, my grades seem to be traveling downwards ever-so-slightly. That trend doesn’t worry me all that much but it does make me wonder why it’s happening. And, honestly, it’s probably just because of the classes I’m taking. If I don’t feel moved to do well in a class, or if I find it boring, or if I decide to phone in the last four weeks, my grade will drop a bit. If I’m excited or engaged, I get that solid grade. And that worries me a bit because, next semester, I have a feeling I’m going to be Only my New Testament studies excites me and I’m taking a less intense workload that is mostly filled with requirements. And I really don’t seem myself getting excited about those requirements. Because, really, why should I get excited about Christian history, post 1688, through an Anglican lens? Can’t I just get that in a book?

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  1. I’m at General cuz of travel. I got my Lutheran year out of the way and now I’m not commuting between NYC and Philly anymore.

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