Day 2 of Lent meets my Facebook news feed

With it being the second day of Lent, my Facebook news feed is blowing up with reflections on yesterday. Piety, love, God, Jesus, dust, ash, etc! There are status updates galore from my Episcopalian friends who spent their entire days standing in subways, going to firehouses and police precincts, giving ashes to those who requested it. Sore thumbs, it seems, is the name of the game. But not only are ashes being talked about, but sermons, fasting, and all that we’re giving up for Lent, is dominating my feed. And even I, very briefly, got into the act. In a way, I am part of the “problem”.

But, lo and behold, I’m back to my old self today by posting, on facebook, on how to wear a tuxedo (i.e. IT SHOULD FIT). I think I’ll point to the gospel reading from yesterday as the reason why this needs to be shared: someone’s olive oil is someone else’s formal wear and just because you gave up eating cookies or refined sugar doesn’t mean you have to look like it, amirite?