Those young people – getting their theatre on – tsk tsk.

Here’s another reason why I like to look at old magazines: finding out that I’m violating so many things, I might as well just give up and go on a bender.

From The Lutheran Quarterly, 1895 (July), page 416 (“Review of Recent Literature”)

The Theatre. By William Dallman. pp. 112.
In the form of a dialogue with several young people the author disposes quite effectually of the arguments cited in behalf of the theatre. This is followed by an array of startling testimonies against it, and this in turn by Bible proofs, and anecdotes. A careful reading of these clear and sober pages will likely convince Christians that they ought not to patronize the theatre and that it is no place for their young people to seek amusement. This little work merits the widest circulation.
R. J. W.

I’m seeing Newsies in 9 days. All hope is lost for me. SAVE YOURSELVES!

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  1. You should preach on this!
    Think of how effective the drama ministry can bein supporting Mr. Dallman!

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