Bad Advice Vicar

On Thursday, our confirmation class was covering the book of Acts. In all honesty, it’s rough trying to cover the entire narrative of Acts in forty five minutes. Rather than give an overarching theme and narrow points, I focused the lesson on where Acts started, where it ended, and then we looked at a little at the fun-filled stories, action packed parts of Acts. The kids enjoyed the prison breaks and they got, quickly, the change in tense that occurs chapter 16. They also had no problem seeing Lydia and comparing her to the ordained women leaders at my field site. But what I’m thinking about right now, before I head off to church, is whether any of them will take the last piece of advice that I gave them. For our last story, we read Acts 20:7 where the young man falls asleep, out a window, and dies because Paul is long-winded. A couple of the kids said that they’re going to fall asleep during the sermons now and I said, if they ever get caught by the pastor, to just bring up Acts 20. Now, that got them all a little too excited and they all claim that they’re going to fall asleep during the sermon today. If they do, well, I told them not to rat me out but, in my defense, at least we’ll know they’ve been paying attention in confirmation class.