Argh! Why didn’t anyone tell me about the Internet Archive?

The next time I’m writing a paper about a period of Lutheran history where the copyright for published materials has expired, I should take a gander at the Internet Archive. The 1958 Hymnal, History of the Maryland Synod till 1920, The Lutheran Magazine from 1830s, A Lutheran Cookbook from 1907, The Memoirs of the Lutheran Liturgical Association, 1906, etc, etc. 1690 titles! And what’s also great is that some of the uploads can be downloaded in pdf and kindle format. Argh. If only I had a few more weeks to work on my history paper….

One thought on “Argh! Why didn’t anyone tell me about the Internet Archive?”

  1. It’s amazing. I’ve pulled a vast amount of Latin hymnody out of that thing over the last three years — and found the first website I ever built, hanging out as series of screenshots on the IA’s massive servers.

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