MNYS Assembly, Day One, Part 1

I’ve been able to snag a computer in the lobby during the break to report on a few things. Alas, I will not be able to live blog from the conference room but you can follow everything via my twitter feed (@stynxno).

On this Ascension Day, the opening Eucharist went well. I especially enjoyed my part being a communion assistant. There’s a lot of joy in serving my fellow clergy and watching as some of the folks really get into the songs. And to whoever remembered to bring their own tambourine – touche. Well planned!

Nothing really exciting to report in terms of business so far. No resolutions have been argued or talked about. However, I have been told that the strategic plan, viability norms, what to do without an ordained leader, and one other resolution that I’m forgetting, will be following ‘consent’ rules. That means that they will have to be pulled out, on their own, to be discussed or have amendments given to them. I’m not sure how I feel about this and it is possible that I will pull the Strategic Plan out for further discussion. But I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning when the fun happens.

I’m also, currently, the only Young Adult running for Church Wide Assembly (but I don’t think that I’ll end up unapposed). There’s also, supposedly, forums after dinner but there are no forms or schedules or anything to see what’s up. In fact, I just learned that, as a candidate, I’m suppose to hang out in one of the rooms so people can meet me. To be honest, I hope that’s in the pool because, honestly, I think that’s where I might perfer to be.

The absense of a Bishop Report (we received a type version) ands its replacement by a bible study (led by the Bishop), while a little surprising, wasn’t really because he did use the bible study to reflect on the Strategic Plan (he did that in the sermon as well). Our look at 1 Peter 2:8-10 was fun, though I found some of the supporting verses a little…troublesome (but, hey, as a post-colonial guy, that’s just gonna happen). But I did like how it ended – that we are claimed by God, not for our own benefit, but rather we are claimed to be sent out. And that’s the freaky truth that I wish more of us paid attention to.

Okay, break over! Off to round 2.

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