The kid isn’t born and I’m already negotiating for time away from him

I think part of good parenting is boundaries. I think parents should have their own identity seperate from their kids and vice versa. We all have our own tastes, wants, desires, and thoughts – and I think we should all embrace that. I hope that I’ll be able to support my kid’s taste and I hope that he’ll be able to support mine.

Though I could just be talking out of my butt and trying to justify why I already asked my wife if I could leave her and the kid for a few hours on July 20th. Yes, the kid isn’t born yet, and I’m already seeing if I can have some alone time. Though, to be honest, this won’t be alone time – in fact, I’ll be stuck in a theatre with a million another folks because Batman comes out that day. A happy dad is a good dad, right? Now, before you hate on me too much, please realize that I already plan to be that dad bringing his kid to see superhero movies when he is four or five – whenever he can sit still. I’ll bribe him with comic books, action figures, and a popcorn the size of his head. But not soda, of course, because that won’t be allowed anymore (grrrrr).

2 thoughts on “The kid isn’t born and I’m already negotiating for time away from him”

  1. Your wife has not yet rendered a verdict on this request! Status pending depending on actual birth date of said kid.

  2. If he is really late, and doesn’t arrive till the 20th, Batman is going straight up to the top of the name list.

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