Fatherhood insights at 3 weeks

Well kid, you’ve made it to 3 weeks. You’ve been grand and swell and I figured I might as well share some of the things that, while not unexpected, still surprised me with you in my life.

  1. Baby acne. Sorry kid but with my genes, and this preview, your teenage years are gonna be awful.
  2. Baby farts. Even after 3 weeks, I still laugh when I hear them.
  3. The fact that you’re getting better at arm control. Soon, you’ll find your thumb licketysplit.
  4. Everyday, when you are awake, you are awake. And you stare. You stare! It is kinda frightening.
  5. The number of coos we get when we walk down the street together. The dog isn’t use to not getting all the attention when we’re on the street.
  6. How calling you string bean makes perfect sense 99% of the time.
  7. The fact that I seem incapable of doing the work I’m suppose to be doing because I’d rather just chill with you.
  8. I still can’t get over the poses you somehow are able to sleep in.
  9. Your favorite Olympic sports seem to be Swimming and Gymnastics though you might just like how bright the TV is at night.
  10. You keep looking straight into lights and the sun. Just…don’t sit so close to the TV when you’re older.
  11. You slept through the first book I read you. I either have a soothing voice or it was really boring.
  12. You are a master escape artist when it comes to getting out of your swaddle. But, for some reason, you prefer to only get your arms free. You’re fine with everything else being locked down.
  13. And, finally, you’re becoming a night owl like your mom – not a morning person like your dad. Oh well.