Well, kid, you reached a milestone this week. I’m not sure if milestone is the right word. Maybe 98%-a-stone is a better one. Either way, you are wild, that is for sure.

At your four week visit, we discovered that you are gaining weight beautifully. Like your parents, not only are you smart, talented, lovely, and worth your weight in comic books and Broadway tickets, you are ahead of the curve in all the things. Instead of gaining only 1 ounce a day, you’re blowing by that. Before long, you’re going to be walking around and carrying your dad around in a sling (and I am looking forward to that – my feet are tired). According to this chart for breastfed boys, you are at 98% for length and 90% for weight. 10 pounds and 10 ounces! Good Lord kid! I have no idea where those genes come from but it obviously isn’t from me. But you do like to eat – and you take that after your dad, that is for sure. So keep it up! We want you to get as big as you are suppose to be but no bigger because I’ve been carrying you in the Ergo and, well, my knees and back are not use to it. I am not as young as I use to be.