Church? What’s church?

Okay, okay, okay – I really, REALLY, planned on going to church today. Really. I woke up early, showered, fed the animals, blogged, read the NY Times, and everything. I was ready to go. But it seems Oliver had other ideas. He fussed. He wanted to be fed a million times. He wanted to be walked, held by mom, held by dad, and then sat in the Rock ‘n Play and stared at the window. He wanted it all.

But he didn’t want to help us get out of the house on time.

Instead, we went to my old neighborhood, ten blocks north, and tried a place for brunch. And while there, I decided to be a little churchy and worked on my sermon for next week. You can keep the seminarianzilla out of church but you can’t keep the church (and delicious maple-covered pancakes) out of the seminarianzilla.