Everyday I’m Vicaring

On Sunday, September 2, I started my full year internship at Advent Lutheran Church in Manhattan. I’ve been the field ed/seminarian intern for the last two years but I’m now full time. I don’t have time for a full write up of what’s been happening but I’d like to share some highlights.

  • After my sermon on Sunday, I ate pancakes full of cookie dough. My teeth hurt just writing that.
  • While wearing my collar on Sunday, and leaving the subway station, I passed by a man begging for money on the street. After he insulted a young couple in front of me (who were ignoring him – the proper NYC response), he saw me, grabbed his throat, and kept saying “father! father!” while locked in a death stare. It was a very weird experience that I didn’t know how to react to.
  • I have my own voice mail box now. I’m fancy.
  • I’m consider going to a rock show with fellow parishioners to support a member of my congregation rocking out as the drummer in Hannah vs the many as part of my ministry.
  • On the ride into the office on my first day, it was very strange to be actually commuting to work with everyone else.
  • It’s still weird turning away people who randomly walk into the church and ask for money (which we don’t give out to walk-ins). I had to turn down a family yesterday (while directing them to other local charities and resources that are available to them).
  • There’s been a big pile of Dum-dum lollipops that I have been devouring all week.
  • Being away from Oliver has been tough.
  • I’ve forgotten something vital at home every day this week. Today, I left my coffee on the kitchen counter. WHYYYYY.
  • Being a part of bible studies is one of my favorite things about the church.
  • The new vicar at Trinity 100th street seems nice.
  • And I started out my vicarship with a cold that the whole family is now enjoying. Oliver’s coughs and sneezes are adorable, and sad, at the same time.

This is going to be fun.