New Vicar Shadow Bag Blues

I’ll admit that I’m having a hard time blogging as I run through my internship. The combination of working full time, with my wife back to work part time, and Oliver (who is staring and cooing at me as I type this), is exhausting. And I have a great kid! I sleep through the night! But, still, I’m exhausted. When I come home at the end of the day, all I want to do is bounce him on a ball and veg out. The million blog posts that I have swirling in my head are just going to have to stay there for awhile.

However, I would like share this one quote from some of the pastors at my church. Last Sunday (not yesterday) as I robed up in the Sacristy for the second service, I was assigned several liturgical parts to play in the service. Besides my usual singing and dancing (jazz hands), I was told to lead the congregation through the confession.

Pastor One: “I’ve always felt it appropriate that the vicars lead the confession…”
Pastor Two: “…since they have way more sins than we do.”

Lord, let us pray. I ask, if I ever have my own intern to supervise, that the dryness of my humor grows so that it brings joy to all that hear it. I’m definitely thankful for what I’m getting at my internship so far.