Eating the Lord’s Chili

It’s hard to surprise anyone in New York City. Even me, a young fashionable guy with hipster-punk energies can’t get a second look from folks when I pop on my Roman collar and head to work. But today…today was a different day. When I walked out the door this morning, I was in my usual ensemble. Roman collar (terrible shirt), synthetic leather jacket, skinny pants, and news cap. Oh. And I forgot one thing. I was also carrying a crock pot full of sweet potato chili that K made.

The folks on the subway didn’t know what hit them.

Today was Advent’s annual chili cook off. This is one of my favorite times of year. Tons of chili, lots of good fun, great music (though I’m biased since I put the mixtape together), and an event where the cornbread flows like wine. It was a deliciously perfect day. This is definitely something I need to steal – errr borrow – for my future calls.