What shall my buddy say?

What Shall I say? Last night, I came home from a full day – funeral planning, meetings, teaching a confirmation class, and an evening bible study – to discover my son was already asleep. K filled me in with his fun-filled evening. Besides laying on the carpet and playing with his bucket, spatula, plastic rings, and wooden iPhone, he crawled all over the apartment. He managed to go through an obstacle course and find one of my bookshelves. And what was the first book he pulled out to play with? Why, my very own copy of “What Shall I Say? Discerning God’s Call to Ministry.” This was the first book I bought when I seriously started thinking about seminary.

I’m so proud. Little guy already wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. I can’t blame him though. I am pretty awesome. Why wouldn’t he want to be like his ol’ dad?