Things they don’t teach you in liturgy class: don’t put the follower on top of a melting paschal candle

Paschal Candle, Good Friday, March 30, 2013 So here’s some Good Friday learning for ya.

After the noon service, I noticed that the paschal candle was melting; melting too much. I needed to move the candle to help setup the 3 pm service – and I didn’t want to keep burning myself on the hot wax (which, well, I did – a lot). Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. I took the follower – the crystal thing that goes on top of the candle to keep the candle looking flat, pretty, and not-too-melted – and put it on the candle. A colleague of mine agreed that this should work. I squished it on, avoided lighting my jacket on fire, and it worked. Success! I patted myself on the back for a job well done.

Two hours later, in the middle of our 3pm Stations of the Cross service, the follower exploded. Literally, exploded. Pieces covered the entire front of the sanctuary. The heat and melted wax overheated the crystal. Everyone heard it but the service kept going – because we’re hardcore like that.

So, for future reference, when using a follower on a paschal candle, put it on an unlit and well cleaned candle. Don’t do what I did – and destroy the only follower we have the day before the new candle, for 2013, needs it. Vicar fail 🙁