ELCA Day 2: Back on the bandwagon

My last post said I am no longer a young adult but after the response I just saw with my peers, I will at least be one for this assembly. The thoughts and feelings behind my last post was felt by others. A Facebook page for all the young adults here got some traffic. Posts were made. Concerns over the lack of financial support in the budget and the giant fundraising campaign for young adults and youth was noticed by many. Over 20 young adults gathered at lunch to talk about it. I think our voices were raised. Needs and wants were expressed. We decided to not let this assembly go by and not back up their language with actual concrete support was made. We’re gathering, moving, and resolutions and amendments are being drafted asking the assembly to put their money where their mouth is. I am excited. This is great. We’re asking the church, using a spoof of what Bishop Hanson said often yesterday: are you with me? We’re asking the church #areyouwithus. Will you support lay adults in the ELCa by financially backing a nationwide organization designed and run by the under 30.

At opening worship last night, Bishop Hanson preached on Ezekiel and the dry bones. He challenged us to hear, see, be, and lead by ‘rattling some bones.’ The youth have taken up the call. We’re going to see what happens next.