ELCA updates, day 3.

Big day. Big, big day. A resolution for immigration reform, passed. Five ballots to elect the Rev. Elizabeth Eaton as our first female presiding bishop. And I worked on the language for a resolution, led by a young adult named Daniella, to modify the budget and focus on raising up lay youth and young adult leaders. The text, in draft form, was just submitted. It is one of 3 resolutions pertaining to this cause that have been submitted. We’re also ready to make amendments if necessary. Below is the text for the budget one. My first attempt to work on, and be part of, a resolution in any bigger-than-my-local-church event. I’m posting it here to share what we are talking about.

Whereas, section 5.01.i of the Constitution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, states “As a steward of the resources that God has provided, this church shall organize itself to make the most effective use of it’s resources to accomplish its mission;” and

Whereas, the theme of the assembly is “Always Being Made New;” and

Whereas, 30% of the millennial generation consider themselves as a NONE and are not affiliated with any church and that number is expected to grow; and

Whereas, vocation is multilayered and no one approach towards leadership formation speaks to all young adults and youth; and

Whereas, there is a new generation of youth leaders who are not called towards global missions or called to formation as rostered leaders; and

Whereas, dedicated and numerous Youth and Young Adult leaders throughout the church, synods, and congregations, seek resources and a network to continue to be the body of Christ in the world; and

Whereas, 17% of the Churchwide Voting members gathered here are 30 and under; and

Whereas, there is a need for growth in Youth and Young adult ministries at all levels; and

Whereas, new ideas, leadership, and growth are always needed in the church; and

Whereas, evangelism is a continuous, formational, and life long process; and

Whereas, Christ calls each of us by name in our baptism, no matter our age, journey in life, education, social class, race, gender, or sexual orientation; and

Whereas, there is a growing need to revitalize programs that are focused and led by youth and young adults; Therefore, be it

Resolved, that $100,000 dollars be found in the Congregational and Synodical Mission budget and reallocated to the Youth Ministries and Young Adult Ministries in the amount of $20,000 and $80,000 dollars respectively, to revitalize old programs and promote new programs that encourage the formation of lay youth and young adult leaders in the church.