ELCA day 4: another youth and young adult resolution

For those following, this is the draft for the second resolution that the youth and young adults are putting forward at this assembly. It covers the 25th anniversary capital campaign and asks for a new goal to be added to it. It was crafted by a young man named Smith and others, who, like me, are rocking #AreYouWithUs t-shirts today. Follow us on Twitter, hashtag #AreYouWithUs, to see what we are up to.

Recognizing that

The theme of the 2013 ELCA CWA is “Always being made new,”

The ELCA has repeatedly insisted on the importance of young adult and youth leaders,

Lay young adult and youth have a strong desire to make their voices heard in the national church,

The eight priority goals of the 25th Anniversary Campaign build on existing programs and missions of the ELCA,

New action is needed to revive the church,


the recommendation for assembly action on the 25th Anniversary campaign be amended by adding the following text after paragraph 4, which ends “completion of the campaign,”

To instruct the Church Council to add an additional campaign priority of encouraging, recognizing, and forming lay youth and young adult leaders,

to add an additional $4 million campaign goal specifically for the formation, recognition, and encouragement of lay youth and young adult leaders in the ELCA,

to direct the Congregational and Synodical Division to form a committee to design new projects, programs, and events for this purpose,

to include among those on that committee lay youth and young adult leaders recommended by ELCA campus, youth, and outdoor ministers, as well as leaders from ELCA affiliated and/or associated youth and young adult organizations, and

To charge that same committee with oversight and dispersal of allocated funds and to search for new ideas and fresh voices emerging in the church.