One Postive Candidacy Quirk

Walking Together In LoveI’ve been dying to write about last week’s Candidacy retreat but, alas, I have not found a moment to put my thoughts down on electric pixels. However, I would like to announce to everyone that just because you turn in your Approval essay to your candidacy committee and affiliated seminary, that does not mean that such a document is firmly locked in stone. If, like me, you discover typos and bad grammar while en-route to your faculty interview, you can send a quick email to the head of your candidacy committee and ask if you can make some changes and replace it. There’s a chance that they’ll say yes.

So, my updated essay is now emailed to the Synod’s office. This will be printed out and handed to the candidacy committee for review prior to December 14. I’m currently waiting to see the report my faculty committee drew up and what will actually be presented to the faculty at LTSP on Tuesday, November 12. So many things to wait for and do. God willing, I’ll start working on the mobility papers this weekend. But, let’s be honest – when it comes to my to-do list, hope springs eternal.