Post Seminary To-Do List

Me and Bud on my Graduation DayNow that I’m no longer a seminarian, here’s just a sample of my current to-do list:

1. Move to New Jersey
2. Build 3 websites and launch them during the Metropolitan New York Synod Assembly
3. Visit Sesame Street Place
4. Rebrand/redo this blog: time to go basic and develop/modify a new theme
5. I’m in one call process
6. Complete transition out of my current job
7. Pack
8. Pack
9. Pack
10. Buy a car
11. Pack
12. Teach Oliver how to master the waterslide
13. Say goodbye to a lot of people
14. Preach at my home church out in Queens
15. Go to the beach at least once

There are other things on the list. Graduate school might be behind me but that doesn’t mean anything stops. Stuff just changes.