A sendoff Star Wars blessing

Yesterday, I said goodbye to Advent NYC where I served for the last four years during my seminary career. At a special reception after the 11 am service, three special blessings were shared with me. Here’s one of them.

Gracious God, whose ark of the covenant melted the face of Belloq, yet whose mercy spared Indiana Jones and Marion, we thank you for Marc’s time and service here at Advent church.

He came in as a young Padawan, and now is leaving as a Jedi for Jesus.

Please Lord, bless him with focused sermons that can cut to the heart of his congregation like a light saber through the belly of a tauntaun. Give him faith as deep as the Sarlac pit, and let not even ingesting a heavily armored bounty hunger disturb it.

Give him the wisdom of Yoda, yet may he never confuse his syntax by placing the verb before the subject. Confusing that would be.

Give him the strength of a wookie, yet let him be a better loser at holographic checkers.

Give him a warm heart so he can empathize with others and also survive being frozen in carbonite.

Give him the friendliness of an Ewok, but never let him be as annoying.

Lord, illuminate Marc’s path with the light of the twin suns of Tatooine and bless him wherever you lead him.

From Ephesus to Endor.
From Antioch to Alderaan.
From Damascus to Dagobah.

Lord, when Marc is doubtful, whisper in his ear, “Marc, I am your father.” And then add in a rasphy heavy breath, ’cause that will be cooler.

Keep him from the dark side. And let Marc know that your force is with him…always.