Suburbia Living

Well it happened: I’m living in the ‘burbs.

After being assigned to New Jersey Synod in March, we decided that heading to New Jersey after graduation (whatever my call status is at the time) made the most sense. K found a rental house in a great neighborhood that is easy for her to commute back to Manhattan. We said goodbye to the seminary campus, packed up our belongings, bought my brother’s old car, and headed to the ‘burbs. The house is a complete mess (it has been a rental for at least 40 years), the yard is ridiculous, the animals are stressed out, I’m a full-time dad while I await a call, and I’m learning that living in a one-car household is a little strange for Paramus, New Jersey. But O and I explored two playgrounds within a 20 minute walk today and he found one he liked.

Goodbye NYC. Hello New Jersey.