Rev’d Up

So I finally have an official adjective associated with my name now. I was ordained as a pastor in the ELCA on November 8.

Rev. Paul Milholland, Rev. Marc A. Stutzel, Kate Stutzel, Oliver Stutzel, George Stutzel

I heard the ceremony described as one of the best, moving, and joyous worship services that the church puts on. I had a great time at mine but missed most of it because my eyes were closed during the various prayers. Family and friends made the journey out to NJ to witness the event and ten individuals from my current parish attended as well. It was awesome.

The picture above is my family with Pastor Paul. His first act as pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Long Island City was marrying K and I. Now, four years later, he was my sponsoring pastor at my ordination. He wanted a good picture that he could put on his mantle, next to our wedding picture.

Now I just need to add “Rev” to my signature. It doesn’t flow quite yet.